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I Haven't a Single Explorer...

February 8 - March 8, 2014

"No one knows what freedoms means until it is taken away. When you feel trapped, you can either sink low or dream big." This was the guiding thought on OLEK's mind when she began thinking about her first solo exhibition in San Francisco.

I Haven’t a Single Explorer on My Planet will take shape as a massive installation with a full sized boat at its center as an expression and symbol of freedom. The boat should be free out on the open waters. It should be free to turn with the wind and the current as it pleases. But instead OLEK’s crocheted boat will be placed within the gallery, stalled, much like the place our society is in until we move forward. Only when equality is total can it truly be called freedom. And like most things, freedom can be contagious. 2014 is the year of freedom and OLEK intends to share it.

OLEK : Installation View
Installation View
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