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July "Chill & Arty: Behind the Scenes at White Walls/Shooting Gallery's Latest" KQED Arts 

July "Niels 'Shoe' Meulman Balancing "Unearthly" Paintings" Brooklyn Street Art

July "Niels 'Shoe' Meulman: Graffiti artist evolves as Painter" SF Gate

June "On View @ White Walls / Shooting Gallery" Platinum Cheese

June "Greg Gossel & Justin Kerson @ White Walls" Fecal Face

June "Greg Gossel's "GODDAMN" Super Sonic

June "From Street Tagger to Calligraffiti Artist in Action" 7x7

June "Interviews: Justin Kerson - 'Blood and Ink' @ White Walls Gallery" Arrested Motion

June "Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Space//Squared, and A to Z" Fecal Face

May "Every Letter Counts" Group Exhibition at White Walls Gallery" Graffuturism

May "Behind the Scenes of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada's "Fragments of Humanity" Hi-Fructose

April "10 Best Art Exhibits to See This April" Green Label

March "Olek Covers the World in Crochet" KQED Arts

March "Jet Martinez: City of Eternal Springtime" ARTslant

March "Casey Gray Featured in March Issue of Juxtapoz Magazine" Juxtapoz Magazine

February "Adele Renault's "Les Clochards Celestes" Dutch Elle Magazine

February "Jet Martinez's Latest Solo Exhibiton Fills White Walls With Brightly Colored Flowers" Complex

February "Opening Reception: Jet Martinez & Olek at White Walls" Fecal Face

February "Olek's Latest Exhibition at White Walls Project Space Features a Crocheted Boat" Complex

January "Interview: Street Artist Amanda Marie Discuesses the Dark Side of Her Angelic Stencil Portraits" Complex

January "On View: Amanda Marie's "I Was Just Thinking" at White Walls Gallery" Hi-Fructose

January "Amanda Marie, "I Was Just Thinking" at White Walls Gallery" SF Art Enthusiast

January " 'L'Avenir': Graffiti, The Future Interact" SF Gate

January "Showing: ROA - "Paper Trails" @ White Walls (Project Space)" Arrested Motion


December "ROA "Paper Trails" @ White Walls, SF" Juxtapoz

December "Interviews: Poesia / Graffuturism - "L'Avenir" Group Exhibition" Arrested Motion

December "Mini-interview with Graffuturism's Poesia" Vandalog

November "Three Art Exhibits Worthy of our Time" 7x7

November "California Coming Home - Word To Mother" We Heart

November "Word To Mother: Artist a big fan of S.F." SF Gate

November "Word To Mother Opens a Solo Exhibition at White Walls" Complex

October "17 Must-See Fall Art Exhibitions" Complex

September "O Tropicalismo de Casey Gray" BLCKDMNDS

September "Augustine Kofie "Structurally Sound" @ White Walls SF" Juxtapoz

September "Preview Kofie "Structurally Sound" at White Walls Gallery" Graffuturism

September "Previews: Ludo - "Destructionis Hostis Vespa" @ White Walls" Arrested Motion

August "Showing: Dabs Myla - "San Francisco is for Lovers" @ White Walls" Arrested Motion

August "Dabs Myla's "Intimate" Art Exhibition at White Walls Project Space" Complex

"Best of Design," 7x7

July "Niels 'Shoe' Meulman at White Walls" Fecal Face

July "Questions and Unanswers," SF Weekly

July "Masterstroke," We Heart

July "Interview: Niels 'Shoe' Meulman" Fatcap

July "Niels 'Shoe' Meulman 'Unism' at White Walls," Juxtapoz Magazine

July "Preview: Niels “Shoe” Meulman’s “Unism” at White Walls," Hi-Fructose

"Greg Gossel, Head Over Heels," We Heart

"Greg Gossel Head Over Heels @ White Walls," Juxtapoz Magazine

"Studio Visit: Greg Gossel," Live Fast Magazine

"Skewville's 'Amusement' at White Walls," Vandalog

"Selector: April 10-16," SFBG Online

"Studio Visit: Mark Warren Jacques," Live Fast Magazine

"Urban Redesign," SF Weekly

Mike Shine- Front Cover of Juxtapoz, March 2013

"Mike Shine's 'Flotsam's Harvest' at White Walls," SFBG Online

"White Walls Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, New Home," SF Examiner

"10 Year Anniversary Group Show," The Daily Californian 

"Art Colonist: 10 Year Anniversary of White Walls," SF Weekly

"White Walls and Shooting Gallery Open New Space in San Francisco," Juxtapoz

"San Francisco Galleries Mark Their Joint Re-opening in Contrasting Styles," We Heart

"White Walls and Shooting Gallery's Grand Opening in Sf's Tenderloin District," Hi-Fructose 

"Street Art and Gritty Surrealism: White Walls and Shooting Gallery Grand Opening." SF Weekly- Exhibitionist

"Studio Visit: Chad Hasegawa", Live Fast Magazine

D Young V's The New Race, Preview and Opening Night, Hi-Fructose

Casey Gray in New American Piantings, Issue #103

Opening Night: Zaya and New2, Hi-Fructose

Top events- New2's In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Exclusive Preview: Jonathan Darby's 'Congo' at White Walls," Hi Fructose

"Review: Casey Gray's 'Garden Party' at White Walls," Juxtapoz

"Colourful Re-imagining of Flemish Masters..." We Heart

"Preview of Casey Gray and Ferris Plock," Hi-Fructose

"Studio Visit: Casey Gray," Live Fast Magazine

 Interview with Max 'Ripo' Rippon, NY Time's T Magazine

"Street Lettering Makes Imprint on Ripo," 96 Hours, SF Chronicle

"Art Will Save the World: Max Ripo Q&A," LIASM

"Four Arts Shows to Catch This Month" featuring Max Rippon, 7x7

"Signs, Fines & Cheap Wines: New Work by Max Rippon," VP Mag

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"Meggs' 'Truth in Myth'," Acclaim Magazine

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"Word to Mother...Fuck You Pay Me," VNA

"Four Weekend Art Shows to Strech Your Brain With," 7x7

"Preview: Word to Mother- Can't Afford to be Broke," Live Fast Magazine

"Preview: Word to Mother Can't Afford to be Broke," Juxtapoz

"Michael Page's Elan Vital." Hi-Fructose

"'Wonder Club: Graffiti Star Sickboy's US Debut," 96 Hours, SF Chronicle

"White Walls Winter Group Show," Hi-Fructose

"Young Guns: D Young V Studio Visit," The Bold Italic

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"Preview: Skewville 'Playground Tactics' at White Walls SF," Juxtapoz

"Skewville's 'Playground Tactics,'" Hi-Fructose


"Art Basel Frontlines: SCOPEing Out Friday," San Francisco Bay Guardian

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 EINE, Espo & Dan Witz, VNA Issue 13

  ROA & Kevin Cyr, VNA Issue 12

 Greg Gossel Poster, 96 Hours, SF Chronicle

"Gallery Highlights: White Walls," Blue Canvas Magazine


"News: Shepard Fairey," The New York Times