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Max Rippon Mini Interview (Fecal Face)

We’re getting ready for the return of Max ‘Ripo’ Rippon, who will be showing new work in the White Walls Project Space. Cut From the Chase opens March 9 and will be on view until April 6, 2013. Check out some excerpts from Fecal Face’s December interview with Ripo after the jump

FF: Describe your process for creating new work.

RIPO: I work in a lot of different ways but since I’ve got one of my works on paper in the Winter Group show I’ll just discuss this process. I begin with a watercolor or ink wash as a background and base for the piece. Once I’ve decided what text will fit I go back in with enamels, spraypaint, ink, acrylic, graphite, oil bars, whatever’s nearby in the studio really, to highlight and define the letterforms. Once the piece is almost finished I use an exacto to cut a smaller border within the sheet of paper leaving letters and other bits from the drawing protruding from the sides. I then normally float mount them and frame them myself.

FF: Tools of the trade?

RIPO: Talens ink, cheap watercolors, one shot enamel, mean streaks, Copic pens, acrylic paint, solid graphite sticks, mtn 94, (some) halfway decent brushes, calligraphy pens, toothbrush, and exacto blades.

FF: Upcoming shows/ projects?

RIPO: I’ve got a solo show of works on paper coming up in March at White Walls’ new space in the Tenderloin. Next summer hopefully I’ll be traveling around Europe to paint. And I have my first solo show in my hometown of NYC in November at Fuse Gallery.



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