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Very Nearly Almost (VNA) Issue #19

We’re loving the latest issue of Very Nearly Almost (VNA) Magazine, Issue #19, which features an in depth interview with Anthony ListerExercise the Demons by Roland Henry, in which the artist gets personal and touches upon the subject of becoming consumed with work, falling in love with a painting in progress, and how it can hurt the people around him.

“It’s like the demons take hold. I imagine them sitting around this board game and I’m the piece, ‘it doesn’t matter if it costs him everything, just keep him playing. Yeah he will do this.’ It’s almost like these wizard artists gang up to make me their pawn and make these things for them.”

“… This whole painting thing has cost me my family many times. I’m trying to be a good guy, but it’s hard with the demons inside. All these wizards trying to make me go out and be crazy.” – Lister

White Wall’s own Tova Lobatz contributed a great article on CANLOVE and their current exhibit, No Can Left Behind at 941Geary.

“CANLOVE, like other artists who used recycled items to create art, are sensitive to social issues and care deeply about the product they are using. Artists like these are so attuned to their mediums that they are often focused on finding new ways for people, including themselves, to understand them. With spray paint and spray cans, CANLOVE hopes to ‘inspire others to create and to think more consciously about the lifecycle of products and the way it affects the whole.’”

Spotted in the ‘street scenes’ section were C215 along with artists ROA and Rone who both have upcoming solo exhibitions this September at White Walls and 941Geary, respectively.

Keep up-to-date with VNA by visiting their blog and purchase your copy of Issue #19 here!

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