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Press Release: “Fading Fast” New Works by Greg Gossel

White Walls is pleased to present “Fading Fast,” a solo exhibition from Minneapolis-based artist Greg Gossel, featuring 25 new works on paper and canvas which come together to form multiple large scale mixed-media installations. The opening reception will be Saturday, June 9th, from 7-11 pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through July 7th, 2012.

The artist’s new body of work is created with a variety of processes and mediums; old billboards and street advertisements, collected from cities such as Minneapolis and New York, are layered, pasted, torn, stained, and sanded down to reveal new narratives within each composition. The work is created in a grid-like manner mimicking the paneling and repetition of street advertising; fragments of image, color, and type come together; each element fighting to reveal itself. Fashion advertisements featuring once flawless supermodels decay and weather their way into obscurity, helpless to the effects of time. In a vigorous and spontaneous process one layer is pasted on while another is torn away; a constant game of push and pull, collage and decollage; eventually leaving a rich textural surface behind that illustrates the unique history of each piece.

While still very contemporary, this show also offers a variety of references to past artists; from the decollage works of Mimmo Rotella & Jacque Villeglé; to the grid-like repetition of Andy Warhol and mixed-media combines of Robert Rauschenberg. But within these references to artists who have come before lies a unique body of work which offers a snapshot in time that at once features and condemns the mass media machine we’re all subject to on a daily basis.

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