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Gallery Installations: Past & Present

Installations play a major role in many of our artists’ exhibitions and contribute to the projection of their aesthetic immensely. The three-dimensional, site specific ‘environments’ transform the interior spaces of White Walls, Shooting Gallery, and 941Geary, to address all senses in order to enhance the viewers’ overall experience. Each viewer brings personal thoughts, experiences, and perceptions, leaving the artist to mold everything else.

Often times, installations are built with everyday, natural materials chosen for their evocative qualities and are designed to exist temporarily only in the space for which they were created. Also, found objects not needing artistic skill in their production, are used in order for the idea of the installation to take precedence. An example of this can be seen in Dabs Myla’s installation for Young & Free, Comtemporary Australian Street Artists at 941Geary. The items used were picked up at local flea markets and reworked to project their point of view.

Dabs Myla, Young & Free, Contemporary Australian Street Artists

Current gallery installations include UK-artist Sickboy’s ’artists’ refuge’ and ‘coffin’ in Wonder Club: An Exhibition of Dreams

and Dutch-artist Niels Shoe Meulman’s ’calligraffiti’ in the entryway and on the gallery floors in Justified Scriptures.

Recent notable White Walls installations include:

Skewville’s ’old-school, urban playground’ in Playground Tactics

Mark Warren Jacques’ ’mystic folk den’ in Something About Everything about Something

Jonathan Darby’s ’mock favella’ in Intersection

ROA’s ’maze’ in New Works by ROA

Recent notable Shooting Gallery installations include:

Charmaine Olivia’s ’magical alters’ in Ritual

Anthony Sneed’s ’optical illusion’ in Grand Illusion

Akira Beard’s ’99-cent store’ in American Iconomics

Recent notable 941Geary installations include:

Hush’s larger than life ‘geisha-like women’ in New Works by Hush

‘Guerilla streets’ in group show, Young & Free, Contemporary Australian Street Artists

Kevin Cyr’s ’worse-case scenario shelter’ in Home in the Weeds

and Mike Shine’s ’art opera’ in Flotsam’s Wonder World

Stay tuned for we have some amazing upcoming shows planned, many of which will include exciting installation work.

White Walls, Shooting Gallery, & 941Geary

Images courtesy of White Walls, Colin M. Day Photography, Randy Dodson, High Fructose, and Art Enthusiast


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