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Casey Gray’s “Style of Eye” Review (Warholian)

Michael Cuff for Warholian, pays a visit to Casey Gray‘s studio and reviews his current show “Style of Eye“.

“”Style of Eye” the latest body of work from Gray at White Walls Gallery highlights his ability to take abstract art into territory never before explored. Reminiscent of Picasso in spray paint, elements of cubism and expressionism take center stage in the Grey’s new work. Not quite gallery street art, the artists exploration of spray paint as a medium really seems to have shaken things up a bit, and it is obvious that Grey is a pioneer on an entirely new frontier.” – Michael Cuff

“Within the past year, demand for Gray’s work has increased as have his prices. Opening night for his latest show “The Style of Eye” at White Walls Gallery was indicative of this, with red dots throughout the space. Nearly 60% of the artist’s work has sold within the first few weeks of the show’s premier, a sign that his aesthetic is being well received by the art market.” – Michael Cuff

Read the full article here. “Style of Eye” is on view through November 5th at White Walls and you may also catch Casey Gray at White Wall’s exhibit at this years SCOPE art show Miami.

Photo Credits: Michael Cuff for Warholian

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