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New Video on APEX’s exhibition “Indigo”

This video will give you an inside look into the careful thought process that went into the creation of APEX’s show Indigo, that will guarantee you appreciate the striking canvases in a whole new way. When I first heard that APEX’s work was going to be painted on denim I loved the idea of it being a modern twist on graff kids denim jackets in the 80′s. And that is something I still love about the show, but what I also realized in seeing the full show is that the denim stretched for each canvas is so unique that it brings a new level of interest into the painting itself. Kiya Babzani, owner of San Francisco boutique Self-Edge, oversaw the production of 14 samples in four different indigos of hiqh-quality denim from one of the oldest mills in Japan and TSS, a small garment manufacturer in Okinawa, over a period of six months. The various twills mean that each denim responds to the paint differently creating completely unique compositions.

Watch APEX x Kiya – Indigo Here!

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