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Maggie Pike talks with Eine (Hi Fructose)

Maggie Pike talks to Eine about “Happy Graffiti,” the SF font and more in her interview for Hi Fructose:

“[Pike:] I first started following your work after seeing an image of your piece that spells out “Vandalism”. I think it’s a great piece that makes the street art vs. graffiti debate approachable to a wider public audience. What’s your take on the two?

[Eine:] I think it’s changing but, people see somebody with a can of spray paint and they think graffiti, tags, find the police. People are scared of graffiti, and that was the reason I wrote “scary” and things in that way. People are scared if you can come down my road and do your tags, does that mean you can come down my road and steal my car? Does that mean you can break into my house? If you can paint something without getting caught, what else can you get away with, without getting caught? So it’s a reflection of how under policed or under cared for a neighborhood is. However, I don’t personally think that’s true.

Click the link below to read the entire interview and to see more photos by Antonette Streeter

An Interview with Ben Eine, courtesy of Hi Fructose

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